About Nuprint Customs


Our coating experts have been developing and applying custom coatings for over twenty years.  We help both businesses and individuals with their coating needs.  Our facility is equipped to quickly and efficiently apply coatings to single piece orders and entire production runs. 



Not sure what type of coating you need?  Let one of our coating experts help you!  We have the ability to change the physical and chemical properties of nearly any coating to make one that looks and performs the way you need it to. 



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Hydrographics or “Water Transfer Printing” is growing in popularity because of its durability and versatility.  Hydrographics allow you to apply patterns and graphics to a wide range of objects and materials, no matter how complex they are shaped.  We can "hydrodip" nearly any material including metal, wood, bone, plastic, glass, etc. 

Hydrographics are commonly used to apply woodgrain dashboards to automobiles, camoflauge to firearms, and other patterns to nearly anything.  Check out our hydrographics page to view some of the patterns that we offer. 



Powder Coating


Powder coating is a durable, long-lasting coating that resists corrosion, cracking and chipping.  It is heat and UV resistant, making this a popular choice for the automotive industry.  Powder coating is environmentally friendly and provides smooth, even texture.  It can be customized to match the exact color needed.

Ideal for frames, wheels, motors, bicycles, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, brake components, fences and railing, and outdoor furniture. 


Ceramic Coating


Ceramic coating protects from corrosion, extreme heat, UV light, wear, and abrasion. It also reduces friction and increases part longevity.

Ceramic coating is a popular choice for gun and automotive industries.  Ceramic coating protects from thermal fatigue and reduces under-hood temps, increasing horsepower.  There are a wide range of colors to choose from.

Ideal for firearms, manifolds, brake components, exhaust pipes, headers, turbo housings, intakes, brackets, and knives.


PTFE Coating


PTFE coating is a durable, low friction, chemical-resistant, non-stick coating that is used for many applications.  




We offer various types of media blasting to suit your needs.  We can blast to specific texture requirements, or simply blast to remove various coatings, paints, or corrosion.